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Applesauce Spice Muffin

Have you ever had an hankering for just a muffin? Not a blueberry muffin, not a chocolate chip muffin, not a pumpkin muffin, not any particular kind of muffin…just a somewhat-plain-but-not-actually-plain, delicious, moist, fantastic, muffiny muffin?

Lightly spiced applesauce muffins seemed like the answer to such a craving. After searching around for a little while, I settled on The Gluten-Free Homemaker’s Applesauce Muffins, and they fit the bill beautifully.

I haven’t yet acquired coconut oil, so in this recipe I substituted with canola oil, which worked just fine. I also used half potato starch and half tapioca starch instead of all potato starch because I ran out – I actually had exactly enough starch for this recipe between the two of them. Apparently I need to keep better track of my ingredients!

I made a half recipe of these. I would have preferred to make a 1/3 recipe (6 muffins), as I live by myself and don’t always have people to feed, but I wanted to first see how this recipe is supposed to come out with the suggested amount of egg. In the future I will likely experiment with egg substitutes (partial and complete) in this recipe, but this time I had 3 different people to help me eat the muffins.

Speaking of my munching companions, all of them are gluten-eaters and found these muffins to be quite delectable. They are decidedly muffin-textured, and I doubt that someone who was unaware that they lack gluten would have any idea that that’s the case.